BioScan Pro Explores Your Body's Electromagnetic Frequencies. Non Invasive. No Radiation. Holistic.

We are a Mckinney, Texas based private practice, dedicated to natural and holistic healing through massage therapy and the BioScan Pro Bioresonance frequency therapy.

What is a BioScan Pro, bioresonance and electromagnetic frequency therapy?

Bioscan Pro
The Bioscan Pro is classified as a Biofeedback device. Bioresonance, bio-energetic therapy, energy medicine, and electromagnetic frequency therapy are terms used to describe the type of electromagnetic screening that we provide using the Bioscan Pro. This is a non invasive, non damaging, holistic approach and considered to be safe. These alternative therapies do not use needles or invasive procedures.

Bioresonance and Bioscan screenings are not a substitute for effective standard medical or psychotherapy treatment. This technology is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose. The Bioscan Pro is a tool to help our clients determine the overall health of their body in order to learn how to self regulate, manage stress through breathing and other relaxation techniques. The information provided guides our clients on their road to optimal health goals.

How does bioresonance and the BioScan Pro Work?

The Bioscan Pro measures the electromagnetic frequencies of the body and as compared to the ideal frequencies of health. This device uses sensors inside of headphones to read the frequencies of each organ or body system. The results are displayed and interpreted on a computer screen by a state of the art program. The therapist can then apply energy therapy to help re-balance the electromagnetic freguencies (energy).
Texas Bioscan pro, bioresonance
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