Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage



Deep Tissue massage is our specialty.¬† This style of massage penetrates into the deep layers of muscles. We use short and targeting strokes to knead out knots in tight and sore muscles. This does not mean that the pressure has to be deep. It should not be painful! We like to say, “it should hurt so good. It should not hurt to the point you want to cry.”



bfbffda Deep Tissue Massage can be extremely beneficial and relaxing at the same time. We can use medium to deep pressure depending on your preference.

Massage helps relieve chronic pain, migraines, low back, and shoulder pain. This style of massage is great for reducing pain from TMJ Disorder, injuries or even Fibromyalgia.

Deep tissue massage is a favorite of athletes, cross fit enthusiasts, runners, and anyone who is active. It is also great for traveling business types and those that are stuck at a desk all day. Deep tissue massage is a great choice for most people.