Extend the Benefits of Massage

5 Simple FREE ways to get the most out of your massage

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There are few things more relaxing or rejuvenating than a great massage. Massage releases tight muscles, calms your nervous system and has other wonderful benefits.

We want to share with you, 5 simple and free ways you can make that blissfully relaxed feeling last longer. That's the point of a massage, right? To feel like a noodle for as long as possible. Try these tips and you will be on your way to living a pain free life.
The bottle of water we give you at the end of your massage is not the only water you should be drinking. The recommended amount is 8 glasses of water. After a massage, we recommend you bump that daily intake up to 9 or 10 glasses. Although, you feel relaxed, your body has undergone bodywork that increases circulation. Muscles have been stretched, knots worked and tissue manipulated. Your body will need extra water, just like after a workout.

Tip #1 Drink Plenty of Water
Although there is no scientific proof, many massage therapists believe that water helps facilitate the flushing of toxins. There is connective tissue, called fascia, between every cell and wraps around all muscle structure. It can become hardened over time, from tension, or overuse of a muscle. When receiving a massage, this connective tissue becomes more malleable and fluid. This allows proper cell function. With proper cell function, toxins and other unwanted chemicals are then able to be processed. This is why we hold the belief that water after a massage can help flush toxins.
Tip #2 Belly Breathing
Diaphramatic breathing is an important way to relax your body and intake the type of breath that will aid in healing your body. Deep breathing increases levels on nitric oxide, which is an essential signaling molecule for your cells. It is also a vasodialator. This is important for the healing of smooth muscles. It is an insuling signaling molecule, synthesises white blood cells, is a natural erectile disfunction aide, and can help lower blood pressure. Low levels of nitric oxide are attributed to hyperthention and cardiac problems.
Deep breathing, diaphramitic breathing or belly breathing is all the same thing. It is achived engaging the diaphram, which is an essential muscle accosiated with breathing. When belly breathing, your abdomen extends instead of your cheast. This allows for a deeper, more restorative breath.

How To Belly Breathe

  • Sit, Stand or Lie Down
  • Clear Your Mind
  • Place One Hand On Belly
  • Breathe in Through Your NOSE and Out Through Your Mouth
  • Breathe In Making Your Hand Move Up and Down as You Breathe
  • Imagine a Beach Ball Inflating and Deflating Inside of Your Belly as You Breathe
  • Exhaling Should Take Twice as Long as Inhaling
  • Continue Belly Breathing For 2-5 Minutes
  • Belly Breathing is a Wonderful Relaxation Method
Stretching our pectoral muscles is one of the best ways to help our body function better. Pectoral muscles are some of the most over used and under stretched muscles. We use them in almost all our daily activities. They are engages when we are sitting at a desk, doing manual and physical labor, caring young children and almost everything else. When our arms are in front of our bodies, the pectorals muscles are being used. These muscles are in desperate need of stretching. Here are a few benefits of stretching your pecs.
  • Relieve Upper Back Pain
  • Improve Circulation
  • Improve Posture
Tip #3 Pec Stretch
pec stretch
CLICK HERE to watch a great video that demonstrates an easy pec stretch using a wall or door frame. When using a door way to stretch, keep in mind that your arm placement will slightly change the stretch. I start with my arms, one on each side of the door frame and about waist level. I step into the door way and hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds, but preferably longer. I will then move both hands up about 3 inches and stretch again. This changes which section of the pectoral muscle is being stretched. I will continue to move my arms up the door frame a few inches at a time and hold the stretch at each interval until my arms are above my head. I find that this method maximizes the pectoral stretch. Do this at least 2-3 times a week. Some times life and time get in the way and I will skip several of the intervals and only use one arm position. If this happens to you, don't fret. Any pec stretching is better than none.
Tip #4 Take a Hot Bath
Young woman lying in bath tub with her eyes closed
A nice hot bath is great for your body, mind and can help promote sleep. A bath will increase your body temperature and when you climb into your cold bed, your body temperature will begin to drop. Temperature drop is a queue for the production of the sleep essential molecule, Melatonin. A bath will also increase circulation and help ease sore muscles. Especially after a deep tissue massage, a hot bath can be very healing and restorative. If you want to step up your bath CLICK HERE for our recommended Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, and Magnesium Flakes.
This habit may seam innocent and some may claim "it is relaxing". This habit of playing with our phones before bed time is detrimental to the sleep cycle and relaxation. Cell phones emit a blue light. This color light signals the receptors in your brain that it is day time. This is the opposite of what you want your brain to think before you try to fall asleep. Your brain should be producing Melatonin at bed time. Melatonin regulates the sleep cycle.
Tip #5 No Cell Phone in Bed
night time ritual
Your brain should be producing Melatonin at bed time. Melatonin regulates the sleep cycle and is produced as a response to darkness. Although your body is passive while in bed, your brain is frantically processing the content of your Facebook scrolling. It is actively determining what is important and what to ignore. Your brain sends signals to excite you when you see something of interest. This is engaging your sympathetic nervous system. This system is enabled almost all day long and at night we need to let our parasympathetic nervous system take over. This is the system that allows us to relax and repair. We can not remain healthy or get healthy with out allowing our body AND mind to relax, especially before bed time. Blue Light Cell Phone Filters are available, if you simply can not give up this habit. These filters help block the blue light and allow you to get better sleep.

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