Sick Kiddo Natural Remedies

Heal your sick child, naturally
I have been on a quest for natural healing solutions for the past two years and have found my favorite go to natural remedies when my kids get sick, through trial and error. I want to share with you our sick kid routine. This routine is also my prevention routine. When there is any illness in their classrooms or if I hear so much as a sniffle or random cough, this is what we immediately implement.
1. Welltrients For Life Multi Vitamin, Immune System Booster and Probiotic
This brand is our go to for all our nutrients but we rely on these three products specifically when the kids get sick. These are non GMO, bio-available and the highest quality. Read more about why we use Welltrients for Life HERE. My kids are 6, 4 and 1 so they can not swallow pills yet. I open the capsule and put it in their juice (we juice at home so its usually half veggie and half fruits) or milk. MAKE SURE TO BLEND IT. I tried just shaking and stirring but my kids always know I'm sneaking vitamins if I skip the blending step. I usually do the probiotic and immune in their morning juice/milk. I give the multi vitamin and probiotic a few hours later in veggie juice. The immune booster alone would keep them healthy if they were able to swallow the pills because it contains vitamin C, elderberries and many other immune boosters. Since I can't get them to take enough of these vitamins, I found the other 5 solutions to be very helpful.
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2. Elderberry Syrup
Elderberry is the most common anti viral herb and has been historically used to treat cold and flu symptoms. It can ease allergies and help with sinus infections. It is rich in vitamins A and C and has tons of bioflavonoids that help boost your kid's immune system. The ginger, cocao, honey and cimmamon in our recipe also have antioxidants, anti inflammatory properties, anti viral and anti bacterial properties that aid in getting your sick kiddo healthy, fast!
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vitamin c

3. Vitamin C

The vitamin C in the Welltrients for Life Immune Boost PWR is far superior to any other vitamin C because it can be recycled and used in the body to as many as 200 times. Unfortunately, my kids can not swallow the pills yet so they do not get as much vitamin C as they need when they are sick. I started adding this brand after all the research about vitamin C and how it eliminates sickness. Read more Here about the benefits of Vitamin C.

4. Raw Cocao Powder

Cocao Powder is not the same as cocoa powder. It contains 20-40 times more antioxidants than blueberries. It has the highest source of plant based iron and an excellent source of magnesium. It tastes great and is a mood elevator. I put 1 teaspoon in chocolate almond milk and blend it. The kids LOVE it and its healthy. Win-Win!

Read about the benefits of raw cocao powder here.

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colloidal silver

5. Colloidal Silver

This is a must have natural remedy to have in the medicine cabinet. There are many uses for colloidal silver but also some safety concerns to keep in mind. Make sure to give colloidal silver 2 hours before or after any vitamins as colloidal silver can affect the absorption of the nutrients. I use colloidal silver, internally, at night if the cold is severe. I give the boys 1/2 teaspoon about every 2-3 hours. My favorite uses for colloidal silver are drops in the ear for an ear infection, sinus rinse and cut/scrap cleaner. Wellness Mama wore a great article about colloidal silver,  read about the benefits here.

6. Essential Oils - Cold Be Gone Blend for Kids

We use DoTerra essential oils for our business and home. I trust the quality of this brand above other brands, but if you have a favorite brand you can substitute the Onguard in my recipe for any other immune defense blend. If you would like more information on DoTerra or wish to purchase oils CLICK HERE

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