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Our special blend of essential oils is gently massaged onto specific areas of the body. You are then wrapped in warmed bandages soaked in mineral extracts and clay solution. Next you will lay inside the Infrared Heating Blanket which heats cells from the inside out.

As your body heats, you are expected to burn up to 1200 calories and sweat excessively. This wrap is designed to detoxify your body, thus making it more it easier for your cells to burn fat.
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This wrap is designed to detox your body, thus making it easier for your body to detoxify. Why do a detox, you might wonder? Here are some great articles about how many untested chemicals we are exposed to on a regular basis.

Chemicals in our daily rituals

CNN Everyday Chemicals

Not so pretty-Women use 168 chemicals every day

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Benefits of Infrared Heating Blanket

Dilation of Vessels
Better Circulation
Ease Muscle Tension
Relieves Joint Pain
Reduces Cellulite
May Reduce Inches